Please follow the (3) steps involved to sign up for the Carolina Show Ski Team.  

STEP #1  Join USA Water Ski   

  • Under 25 - $50

  • 25 and Up - $80

  • Family - $175

  • Grassroots - $35

ALL SKIERS AND NON-SKIERS WHO PARTICIPATE IN ANY TEAM ACTIVITIES MUST ALSO BE MEMBERS OF USA WATER SKI, in order for proper liability insurance to be maintained.  This includes safety personnel, sound, announcers, dock crew, boat riders/drivers.     **Grassroots membership is acceptable for a parent who is only at practice, shows and or voluteneers of CSST.** 

Team will be notified when USA Water Ski has been paid.

STEP #2   Carolina Show Ski Team Membership Form

- Have your USAWSA Numbers ready for the form


STEP #3 Membership Dues

General Membership Information

For members under the age of 16, they must have a parent join the team as well – as a skier or non-skier.  Parent must have a valid USA Water Ski Membership to assist with team support (e.g. dock personnel, riders in boats, equipment management, announcing, sound, etc.). 

There is no team without teamwork! Members are asked to provide at least 15 volunteer hours and participate in fund-raising activities as well (e.g. Help with Parking on Friday, setup shows, Junior Ski Team, etc). 

Membership Terms

Membership dues are non-refundable, are subject to approval and can be revoked at any time by the board.  Lack of participation/attendance at team events can result in the   revocation of membership by the board, determined on a case-by-case basis

Click on a picture below below to proceed to payments.

Sponsorship Bonus Program

-         Members or potential members who brings in $250 of NEW sponsorship sales to the marketing team will receive a $200 discount on membership (Individual or Family).

-         For every $200 in annual “Friends of CSST” donations will receive a $100 discount on membership up to $300. (Individual or Family)

-         Renewals of existing sponsorship is not part of the program. (all renewals are handled by the marketing team)

-         Credit back to the member upon invoice paid by new sponsorship

-         Max of $300 credit per fiscal year.

Sponsorship is a huge part of our team to help us pay for our insurance, gas and general operating expense.  We hope you can help the team out and in return lower your membership dues!