Carolina Show Ski Team: to promote water skiing and water safety.

We achieve our mission through water ski show performances, exhibition performances, tournament participation, and community engagement activities for the benefit of our members and for the community of the greater Charlotte area. We will develop and maintain facilities for water skiing, work to improve boating and water safety, and stimulate interest in water skiing among non-skiers in the region.


The Carolina Show Ski Team creates an environment where our community can safely enjoy water skiing.

We achieve our vision by creating and maintaining a team environment that leverages the strengths of our individual members and offers an opportunity to grow through volunteer service. Our members will collaborate to develop the water skiing skills of individual team members and of the team’s cumulative abilities. We will promote and encourage problem-solving, open communication, and steadfast dedication to assemble an engaging performance to entertain our community and grow awareness for our sport. Finally, we will conduct our team in a manner that progresses the team’s resources, preserving the existence and prosperity of the Carolina Show Ski Team for future generations.


The Carolina Show Ski Team shares the values of building self-esteem through respect, fairness, and equality regardless of our members’ age, gender, race, or baseline water skiing ability. We value the power of teamwork and the friendships that are fostered through team participation. We value our community and our traditions. We value our team’s legacy – both past and future – and will strive to carry out the Mission and Vision of our organization.