2018 G2 200 HO

2018 G2 200 HO


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Brand new engine of our single rig.  Brand new first time out on the water May 2018

  • Engine will come with remaining factory warranty of 5 years (started in May 2018)
  • Engine hours will vary depending on our season ending.  Estimated total hours in September 2018 will be 148 hours
  • Engine only, no rigging, controls or prop
  • We can ship anywhere in the US by freight.  Engine will be on a BRP pallet secured and wrapped. Shipping additional
  • 20" shaft, but can be switched to 25" by your local dealer for about $1,000.  Its a kit to replace the shaft and add the extension.
  • Panels are included
  • DPS model E200LHA.  DPS has built in power steering
  • Unbelievable quiet, amazing torque, built in 3.0 oil tank to the engine. 
  • Full diags are available
  • Any questions, please feel free to reach out our Equipment Director  below.