2018 G2 150hp

2018 G2 150hp


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PURCHASE BOTH ENGINES FOR $18,00 Great for rigging your twin engine application!

These engines are off our twin rig.  Brand new first time out on the water May 2018

  • Approx. 205 hours on each 150 G2

  • Engine will come with remaining factory warranty of 5 years (started in May 2018)

  • Engine hours will vary depending on our season ending.

  • Engine only, no rigging, controls or prop

  • We can ship anywhere in the US by freight. Engine will be on a BRP pallet secured and wrapped. Shipping additional

  • 20" shaft, but can be switched to 25" . We have the 25” kit if you like

  • Panels are included

  • Non DPS model C150PL

  • Weight: 419lbs

  • Unbelievable quiet, amazing torque, built in 2.5 oil tank to the engine.

  • Full diags are available

  • S/N 05510775 reg end date -- 5/31/21 --Best end date-- 05/31/2023
    S/N 05508656 reg end date -- 5/31/21-- Best end date-- 05/31/2023

  • Any questions, please feel free to reach out our Equipment Director below.

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